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Triangular Numerology

This is a method I’ve been fiddling around with for some time.

Again, the basis for this is a different way of adding the numbers of the name together. The conventional method says that all letters are converted using the Pythagorean method and are added across in a straight line. Each name is calculated using this method and the final totals of the names are then added together to reach the Destiny Number.

Of course, I’ve been trying to find other ways in adding the numbers together. The following method is one such way, which I call Triangular Numerology. There are several ways to make a chart using this method. I will show how the calculation works as an example.

As an example, I’ll take the name August Wahlen, an admiral from the space opera Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

The first step is to convert the letters into numbers.

August Wahlen
137312 518355

We’ll work with the first name for now. Here’s the way it works: the first two numbers are added together, here being 1 & 3. This equals 4. The 4 is placed directly underneath the 1 & 3. The next calculation is 3 & 7, which equals 1. The 1 is placed beneath the 3 and 7. The idea is to add each number pair in the name and writing the reduced result beneath every pair. Here is what the first line will look like:


This process of adding pairs together is continued down the line until a single digit is reached.


The final number here is a 6.

The last name is calculated in the same manner.


August equals a 6 and Wahlen equals a 3. These two numbers are added together to equal a 9. This addition process is valid using only two numbers.


But with 3 or more numbers, the triangular method must be used. Say for example I had three names with the numbers 4, 2 and 7. Added straight across, the result comes out to be 4. But, using the triangular method:


It is a 6 instead.

August Wahlen, using the triangular system on each name separately, equals a 9. As I said earlier, there are various ways to use this system. The important thing to keep in mind is accuracy with the subject itself. That’s the real objective.

Another method of calculation is to use the method with teh entire full name, not just the separate names at birth.


Using the full name at birth, August Wahlen comes out to be an 8.

The vowels and consonants can also be calculated, using either the singular names or the entire birth name.






Destiny Number=7+9=7

Another way is to first calculate the vowels and the consonants together rather than the full names. All of the vowels and consonants from both names can be grouped together, similar to the full birth name calculation. Then the results of the names are added together and reduced to a single digit.



Destiny Number=4+5=9

The main problem lies in the vowel and consonant totals. Traditionally, the vowel and consonant numbers added together results in the Destiny Number. This is not the case in triangular numerology. Using the separate name method, August Wahlen equals 9 and its vowel and consonant numbers add up to 9 (4+5), however this is merely a coincidence. This is not the case with my own name at all.

Since August is a fictional character, accuracy is diminished as as far as identifying traits using the current method of calculation. Regardless, that is the goal. Since there is little experience of using this system other than a experimental basis, I presented alternate ways of using this method. It’s pretty neat.


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A Word on Numerological Interpretation & Master Numbers

People probably don’t want to hear this, but I need to set the balance straight.

When interpreting numbers, the positives as well as the negatives must be considered. People have a tendency to try to perceive the best possible profile they can have with the date and the name they were born with. While it does boost confidence, it is also a tad bit egotistic. I understand the need for human escapism from the harshness of reality as well, but a gentle reminder is also needed to make sure that people don’t go off the deep end in terms of total ego absorption.

The Numerological profile must be approached with a balanced and neutral perspective. An 8 in the Soul position may mean that you crave power and a high place in life, but those are only some of the positive possibilities. The negatives include a lack of scruples, an overly domineering personality and being too materialistic. Fixing the negatives helps us grow, they must not be ignored.

Master Numbers are one of the biggest targets of idolization in Numerology. When they appear in a profile, they bestow upon a person unusual visionary and spiritual ability. A person with a Master Number may feel special having one of these numbers in his/her chart, but do they fully understand what having a Master Number entails?

Imagine a see-saw in a playground. The normal, single cardinal numbers work much like one in terms of positive and negative traits. The numbers rock back and forth between these traits, attempting to establish a balance. The people on the seesaw must exert some effort in order to make the seesaw move in between the traits.

Now imagine next to this see-saw another see-saw that rises 50 feet in the air. To get the seesaw moving, it takes an immense amount of effort to launch it back up to 50 feet in the air just to maintain a balance. However, because of the seesaw’s immense height, it is very easy to fall back on either end of the positive/negative spectrum, and when it does fall, it falls with a THUNK! As you guessed it, this large seesaw represents Master Numbers.

Master Numbers have great heights, but at a great cost. They are nothing to get egotistic about, it means you have an important energy that you must learn to harness on your own and help humankind with, depending on the specific Master Number.

I really don’t want to sound like I’m scolding, but the people fitting Master Numbers into their profile to make them seem unique and powerful has been bugging me lately. If you actually do have natural Master Numbers in your profile, then great, and I’m not trying to scold you at all. We all have something to do in our lives and every part counts, even the smallest. Certainly, its not a sin to not have any Master Numbers in your profile. It’s not like you’re missing out on some elite club or anything. What the Numerological chart says, using the correct calculation methods (in standard practice at least) is what matters the most. You work with your own chart, accepting the positives as well as the negatives.

I had to get that off of my chest. I apologize if I offended any of you.

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Numerology: A Basic Overview

The interpretations of Numerology is dependent upon the perceptions of the Numerologist. The word Numerology itself equals the master number 55/1, the number of new thought forms. Therefore, Numerology will always remain in some aspect or another a specialized science, mostly in the interpretation of the aspects themselves.

Despite this, the following calculations and procedures are considered standard practice in Numerology. This is done with the assumption that the meanings of the basic numbers are already known. However, I plan on addressing the meanings and aspects of the single digit numbers in a later post.

Life Path

The Life Path determines the path one must walk in life. It’s one one thing to keep in mind as we go about our daily experiences.

The Life Path is calculated using two different methods.

The first is by reducing all aspects of the birth date (minus any master numbers such as 11 or 22) to a single digit, which is adding any compound digits together i.e. 52 = 5+2 = 7.

For Example, let’s take May 18, 1968 as an example. Breaking this date down…

5 – 9 – 6 are the single digits, which are then added together to equal 20/2.

The Second method is to simply add all of the numerical digits together, then reducing the final result to a single digit. Taking May 18, 1968 again as an example…

5+1+8+1+9+6+8=38/11. 38 reduces to the 11/2 master number and is not reduced further.

See the difference? One reduces to a very sensitive number and the other reduces to a very charged master number. Unfortunately, Numerologists cannot seem to make up any sort of consensus on which system to use. They follow their own beliefs depending upon the accuracy they see in life circumstances. It is probably best to leave the reader this decision as well.



The Destiny/Expression/Full Name Number represents the main lessons we are to learn throughout life. This is found by using the translation of letters to numbers found below:

  1. A J S
  2. B K T
  3. C L U
  4. D M V
  5. E N W
  6. F O X
  7. G P Y
  8. H Q Z
  9. I R

All the letters on the first line equal 1, the letters on the second line equal 2, etc.

Here, let’s make up an imaginary person. I’ll call him Stephen Timothy Bergermeister. Each name within the full name is calculated seperately, then added up to one final result before being reduced to a single digit. So here…

Stephen=33/6  Timothy=38/11 Bergermeister=72/9


Stephen’s Destiny is a 143/8. He will have to learn all the lessons of power, money, management and good judgement.



The soul number represents the inner most desires of the individual and defines who we really are. This is calculated by taking the vowels from your name, adding them together, then reducing to a single digit.

Is Y a vowel? This is one of the biggest questions in Numerology. Traditionally, Y is only a vowel if it is the only vowel in a syllable. So in names like Cathy and Betty, the Y is most definitely a vowel. However, names like Roy have the Y act as a consonant because the Y shares the syllable with another vowel.

Some Numerologists follow this rule, others say that Y is always a vowel, and yet others say Y is never a vowel. A few advise to create profiles with both aspects and this is what I also advise, so that you can choose which profile is more accurate to your own self.

So, since Stephen has a Y in his middle name of Timothy, I will create two seperate calculations, one where the Y is counted as a vowel, and one where it is not.

ee=10/1  ioy=22/4  eeeie=29/11


Under this profile, Stephen’s soul is a 61/7. His deepest desires pertain to uncovering the secrets of the universe and trying to understand his inner self. He will most likely have urges to spend time alone.

Under the second calculation…

ee=10/1  io=15/6 eeeie=29/11


Here, his soul number is a 54/9. He will have inner urges to know the world and its people, not to mention an inner compassion for people that knows no bounds.

Which one is more accurate? I leave that to the reader.



The Personalty or Hidden Self number represents how you present yourself to others, as well as your material world desires. This is calculated adding all of the consonants of the name to a single number then reducing to a single digit.

Since we are creating two separate profiles due to Stephen having a Y in his name, both will be presented here like in the previous section.

stphn=23/5  tmth=16/7  brgrmstr=43/7


Stephen’s personality here is an 82/1. He will appear to be a leader, forceful and demanding in life.

And with the Y has a consonant…

stphn=23/5  tmthy=23/5  brgrmstr=43/7


Here, his personality is an 89/8. He will appear to have it all together and may look like a manipulating individual. He will look intelligent in the world of finance and/or business.



The Maturity or Power number traditionally represents the goal that individuals look and work for, usually past the age of 35.  To calculate this number, simply add the Life Path number to the Destiny number.

20/2 + 143/8 = 163/1


38/11 + 143/8 = 181/1

This shows that Stephen’s later goal in life is to become independent, to be a leader in whatever field he chooses.

There is another interpretation of this number that was first thought of by Richard Andrew King. He equates the Maturity number as the “Performance” of the individual, or the energies that are expressed into the world. His formula is the Actor (Destiny) reading a script (Life Path) and giving a performance (Maturity). I mention this here because at least to me, this is a very interesting perspective of these three numbers. It’s definitely something to keep in mind.

That is the most basic numerology profile. There are of course other aspects to Numerology, such as Pinnacles and Challenges, the Birth Day number and more advanced techniques like the Essence chart. These may be addressed later.

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Material Soul / Material Personality

This is a concept first introduced by Richard Andrew King. He believes that the combination of the soul number and/or the personality number with the life path results in the actual outer expression of the soul and/or personality number. I very much believe in this concept and feel like relaying it here.

This is easily done by, as said earlier, adding the Life Path to the Soul Number, and Life Path to the Personality Number. I should note that this method is very dependent on what Life Path calculation you use. In my case:

44/8 + 29/11 = 73/1

48/3 + 29/11 = 77/5

Or, without the Y as a vowel:

37/1 + 29/11 = 66/3

55/1 + 29/11 = 84/3

Basically, when trying to express either side of the chart, the Life Path is thrown into the interpretation as it is the number that denotes the lessons that must be learned in life, and the final number is the result of what is actually expressed.

So, while I have a 44/8 soul, if I try to express this to others, my 29/11 life path is thrown into the mix, and a 73/1 comes out instead. 73/1 happens to be a very good writing vibration. :p

And when as far as looks are concerned, when I express my myself, I can be pretty unusual and (more likely than not) deeply thoughtful about what I’m talking about (77/5).

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The Given Name

The traditional method for calculating a Destiny number in any given name is to calculate the entire birth name of an individual. This includes the first name, any middle names and the last name.

Well, I’ve had a theory for some time about this process. The surname is not a name that’s a part of any individual, rather it is strictly a family name that gets attached to us at birth. It does not define who we are per se because it is a name given over a family group, not to any single individual. The given names (first and middle names) of an individual are given by the mother, and this I believe really shows who we really are. The family name adds additional energy to the given names, which I will explain more below.

So using this context, I will add up my given names at birth, using Pythagorean (and without actually revealing my names, or course).

********=36/9 *******=34/7


In this theory, my “Destiny” number is a 70/7. This defines what the individual really is overall, just like in normal Destiny number calculations. Here, I’m a pretty solitary character who likes to research the truths of life. Not bad.

The Soul Urge and Personality are then calculated:



Soul Urge is a 30/3 and the Personality is a 40/4. This is actually fairly accurate, as in my dress, I wear bland clothing and don’t like changing my wardrobe…but sometimes, I have urges to. 🙂


So the chart so far looks like this:

Soul Urge=30/3




Now the family name will be added into the mix. Normally, adding this name to the others would result in the actual Destiny number, but here it means something else entirely. Adding the family number to the Destiny shows how you react within the family unit, and what strengths and weaknesses you bring to that unit. It’s no accident that a part of ourselves is different when we meet with the family…

My family name adds up to a 22/4. This brings the Master Builder to the table and all that it entails.

70/7 + 22/4 = 92/11

There’s my normal Destiny Number, but here I will call it the Family Number. This number shows how an individual acts within the family unit. My case, I have to act diplomatic with my members and be a source of inspiration and illumination.

Now, you could also add up your Soul Urge with the soul urge of the family name. This can likewise be done with the personality. In this case:

30/3 + 14/5 = 44/8 Family Urge

40/4 + 8 = 48/3 Family Personality

These totals are called the Family Urge and Family Personality. They’re only used within the family unit of course. Much of my family knows that I have quite a sense of humor, but oddly this only tends to happen when I’m with them and no one else. I suppose that further confirms my suspicions of the Given Name theory. I have a 3 here, and 3’s are known to entertain. And in the same unit, I have urges of material desire, money, power and advancement. Pretty accurate.

I should also note that any personal,  internal tension felt within the family has to do with the two different sets of vibrations between the Given Name and the Family Name. Would certainly explain all the problems on that front.


But back to the Given Name. The rest of the chart is done as normal. For example, the Maturity Number (Life Path is 20/2).

20/2 + 70/7 = 90/9.

Trying to find my place in the world. Not that bad.

You can also compare the Given Name Numbers with the Family Name Numbers and see if they are compatible.

30/3 and 44/8 arn’t too compatible, unfortunately. It would explain the constant tension I get around my family. 44/8 is a powerful Master Number. 48/3 and 40/4…they CAN be compatible, although it is a bit difficult.

70/7 and 92/11 can be compatible as long as the 92 is in the 11 state and not a 2 state. So, dealing with my family can be pretty tense overall. Not to mention that the two Maturity numbers don’t get along either – 90/9 and 112/4. 9 and 4 have next to nothing in common.


So, the full chart:

30/3 – 44/8 – Soul Urge/Family Soul Urge

70/7 – 92/11 – Destiny/Family Destiny

40/4 – 48/3 – Personality/Family Personality

90/9 – 112/4 – Maturity/Family Maturity


A pretty good theory, I personally like it.

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Pinnacle/Destiny Expression & Integration Number Theory

For those who really know me, I’m a pretty big Numerologist. I own nearly 50 books on the subject and am constantly seeking out new Numerological systems to find better ways to describe people. The following is a pretty neat idea that I stumbled across the other day.

The first thing to do is to determine the Main Pinnacle from a birthday. The Pinnacles describe the long term energies that will shape an individual. We’ll use my birthday as an example.

March 11, 1986

To arrive at the Main Pinnacle, you must add together the first two Pinnacles. The first Pinnacle is found by adding the month and day together. In this case, March=3, so 3+11=14/5. 11 is not normally reduced as it is a Master Number, and neither are the Karmic Debt numbers 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1.

The second Pinnacle is found by adding the day and the year together. In this case, 11 + 6 (1986)=17=8.

The two Pinnacles are then added together to form the Main Pinnacle, the one that has the bigger influence on an individual’s life. In this case:

14/5 + 8 = 22/4.

My main Pinnacle is a 22/4.

But that is only half of the Technique. The next part is largely unknown to much of Numerology, and is partly of my invention.

The second part deals with the full birth name. I will use my birth name as an example, or at the very least, the numerical totals derived from my names.

36/9 34/7 22/4

For ease, they will be written as 9-7-22.

If you haven’t guessed what to do next, this process mirrors that of the Pinnacles and reveals 4 long term cycles of the individual himself. Now, here’s where the Technique is still experimental. There are many, many ways to do this and the following is one way.

The first “Name Number” as I’ll call it for now is found by adding 9 + 7 = 16/7. 16 is not reduced as it is a Karmic number.

The second is found by adding 7 + 22 = 29 = 11/2. 11 is a Master Number, so is not reduced further.

Therefore, the Main Name Number is found by adding 16/7 + 11/2 = 27 = 9.

My Main Pinnacle is a 22/4 and my Main Name Number is a 9.

At this point, analysis and techniques can venture off onto many paths. For instance, the Main Pinnacle and the Main Name can be added, 22/4 + 9 = 31 = 4. It may be used to represent the Pinnacle energies that shape the energy of the individual Name into a final result.

A more interesting idea I had involves taking each of these numbers and adding them to the sum total of the whole. In other words, take 22/4 and add it to the Life Path. And take 9 and add it to the Destiny. In the first case with the Pinnacles, adding a specific Pinnacle to the Life Path could show the overall effect a Pinnacle’s energy will have in some area of the life.

This number combination is called the Pinnacle Expression (PE).

For example, my Life Path is an 20/2. This could be added to any Pinnacle, let’s say the first Pinnacle of 14/5.

14/5 + 20/2 = 34 = 7. The 7 denotes a difficult period, and being located at birth will mean the child will have a difficult childhood. He will probably be different from anyone else. He will tend to keep to himself for much of his childhood.

8 + 20/2 = 28 = 1. The individual will be seen as much more independent and self-sufficient during this time. He will learn to define what he wants out of life and to go after it.

22/4 + 20/2 = 42 = 6. The 6 indicates a time of home-boding, of keeping a family or working with a community.

9 + 20/2 = 29 = 2. The 2 indicates a time of subtleties, of being diplomatic and compromising with others. 29 in particular indicates a time of ending relationships, or relationships that take on a new form.

Now, for the Name numbers, which denote periods of the individual expressing certain energies, combined with the Destiny number, indicates at certain times how the individual expresses himself. This is called the Destiny Expression (DE). My Destiny number in this case is an 11/2.

16/7 + 11/2 = 27 = 9. At this time, the individual will be very compassionate and selfless. He will have no problem helping others with little to nothing in return. He may have problems making friends however, as his nature tends to be very aloof. He will look young for many years, and might be taken advantaged of.

11/2 + 11/2 = 22/4. The 22/4 is a Master Number. Here, the individual will have a great interest in building something of lasting value, something likely of immense scope. He will have a dream that he will want to see manifested and endure the tests of time. Help will come to him.

9 + 11/2 = 20 = 2. The indivudual’s main destiny expression. He will be very sensitive and prone to the swaying moods of others until he can learn to control his emotions and set appropriate boundaries.

4 + 11/2 = 15 = 6. The last part of the person’s life will be expressed with values pertaining to responsibility, close family and anything relating to the home. His demeanor will be soft, warm and caring.


The 2 numbers that are most important here are the Main Pinnacle Expression and the Main Destiny Expression.

Main Pinnacle Expression: 42/6

Main Destiny Expression: 20/2

Here, this shows the main energies that will be integrated in the individual, plus the individual’s main mode of expression. But what happens when you add a PE and a DE together? You get the Integration. The Integration is the final result of integrating a new energy (Pinnacle) into an already existing individual’s expressing energy (DE).

My Main Integration here is 42/6 + 20/2 = 62 = 8

Now of course, the other Integrations can be added up. Below is the full list.

1st Integration: 7 + 9 = 16/7. This is a Karmic number. This is a time where the individual will learn about the rise and fall of the ego, and of the dangers of being egotistical. Since this is a painful process and is stated as the 1st Integration, early childhood may be very difficult as a result. But, ultimately, the person will find a deeper connection within himself and the universe as a whole due to the rise and fall of the ego.

2nd Integration: 1 + 22/4 = 23 = 5. The individual will learn to incorporate flexibility, change and new experiences into himself. He will also learn to come back from any losses that are apparent with 5. He will learn to set out and explore on his own in order to grow.

Main Integration: 6 + 2 = 8. The individual will find that as he learns his lessons in life, he will slowly discover his own personal power from within. He will gradually learn to control all modes himself, including his emotions, temper and his thought processes. He will also learn that you reap what you sow, and if in a positive orientation, will make positive use of this knowledge. He will find managing others and tending to details to be much easier than in the past.

4th Integration: 2 + 6 = 8. The Integration here is the same as above.


Of course, all of this is still ideas and theories. But I do think that these ideas are pretty awesome, so I took the time to type all of this out.

Again, the basic matrix looks like this:

Pinnacle -> Pinnacle Expression

-> Integration

Destiny -> Destiny Expression

That was the biggest idea that I’ve had in relation to this new technique, and definitely the most interesting.

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This blog is intended for my Numerological experiments. A good education in basic Numerology is required to understand my theories…I’m not going to explain how to do basic Numerology, but just the ideas that I come across. It’s going to be one unconventional blog.

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